I am Eleanor St Clair.

I recently graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Biological Sciences, and this blog has changed around a bit recently….

I am from South Wales in the United Kingdom.

I have far too many hobbies for one person, including running, horse riding, rowing, and an awful lot of reading. I adore my Kindle as I get to read all the classics for free, but I think you cannot beat an old fashioned book. I have been known to read something on my kindle and then buy a physical copy because I love it so much!

My favourite TV shows are Buffy (and Angel), Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Suburgatory, 2 Broke Girls and Big Bang Theory.

As for music, I love Bellowhead, Damien Rice and Corinne Bailey Rae. Oh and Taylor Swift. I really like folk music, and recently have been listening to a lot of American Country music.

Back to reading…I really like young adult fiction, possibly because in my head I am still sixteen. I adore a happy ending and a little bit of love! I love fantasy as I use reading to escape the real world, so I want to hang out in a place with fantastical goings-on! I like books about people who are much cooler or more interesting than me.

I would love to hear any comments, only I would ask that they are polite comments please 🙂 Mean people are MEAN!!!

Star Rating:

1 star – didn’t like it- I could not enjoy this book, there were a number of things I did not like

2 stars – it was OK- nothing special but a harmless read.

3 stars – liked it, maybe a few small things I was not sure about but on the whole, would recommend.

4 stars – really liked it, this is definitely going to find a place on my eclectic bookshelf, go and buy this book!

5 stars – it was amazing, mind-blowing, let me live in this story world for ever and ever and never leave!

Ratings are purely based on my enjoyment of the book, sometimes I will give a book a 2 stars but recommend it to readers who like a particular genre!


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