Lots of lovely new features coming to this blog!! Yay!

Hello! So, I am having a blog revamp, because I have been self hosting for six months now, which is long enough to be able to tell which parts are working for me, and which parts have to go! As part of my revamp, I am introducing some new features.

Middle Grade to Adult

I will feature a middle grade book that I love, and then an adult book that is similar.

Quarterly Goals

Already done the first one of these here. Thanks to Jenna Moreci for this one, you are pretty cool!

Accents in Literature 

This will feature books that have a main character with an accent, and whether it is successful or not.When it is done well, it can give so much more to a book!

My World

What is going on in my real life, because, as much as I wish I could live in a story world all the time, I need to pay the rent so that I have somewhere dry to keep my books 🙂

Science Faction

You might not know, but I studied biology in my undergraduate degree, and I really enjoy reading science fiction. This feature will showcase some books that use real science, and some of the researchers who actually use this in real life.

That is all for now. I am really excited about these new features as I have been feeling that my blog was a little samey. Everything in my life has changed so much recently, I feel it is a good time for an “All Change” on my blog too!

Booky love
E. St. C

BIG NEWS!! Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci


Eve: The Awakening has a release date! You don’t know what Eve is you say? WHAT ARE YOU? Oh, fine, I will let in on the best thing to come out this year…

Here is a synopsis from Amazon!

    Eve is an outcast. A chimera.
    After years of abuse and rejection, 19-year-old Evelyn Kingston is ready for a fresh start in a new city, where no one knows her name. The esteemed Billington University in sunny Southern California seems like the perfect place to reinvent herself—to live the life of an ordinary human.
    But things at Billington aren’t as they seem. In a school filled with prodigies, socialites, and the leaders of tomorrow, Eve finds that the complex social hierarchy makes passing as a human much harder than she had anticipated. Even worse, Billington is harbouring a secret of its own: Interlopers have infiltrated the university, and their sinister plans are targeted at chimeras—like Eve.
    Instantly, Eve’s new life takes a drastic turn. In a time filled with chaos, is the world focusing on the wrong enemy? And when the situation at Billington shifts from hostile to dangerous, will Eve remain in the shadows, or rise up and fight?

All sounds pretty cool, yes? So here is another little tip, you can read the first three chapters here for free! Yes, for free!

Now you need to head over to YouTube and listen to the author, Jenna Moreci talking about writing, weirdness and her life as a cyborg. She is refreshingly honest and beautifully cynical. Also she swears, but not in a horrible way, in a really good way. You know those people who just swear beautifully? She is one such person. The only other one I *know* is fictional. His name is Gabriel Coleman from the Academy series.

So I originally started this blog post because this awesome book now has a release date! It is going to be released on the 12th August 2015.

Do you like what you have read? Want more? Of course you do! Click here to preorder Eve: The Awakening from Amazon!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.06.09

Click it! Click the little green button! If you want to know why pre-ordering is important, check out this article I wrote.

What books are you most excited about this year? Comment, link me up or tweet me @Eleanorjames

Booky Love!


For all the Harry Potter fans!

Next week I am going to Norfolk for a “Harry Potter Movie Marathon and Fangirl Weekend” with my University friends Izzie and Jolie. I am really excited so to celebrate I thought I would share this amazing Uptown Funk parody by KFaceTV. Seriously, if you are a HP fan, you HAVE to watch this! These guys are so awesome and this is sure to make you smile.

Have an awesome Harry Potter day!

Much love
E. St. C

Exciting News: Eclipse, Ghost Bird Cover Reveal and New Blog!


Yay, you found my new blog! Welcome!

First of all, how many of you saw the eclipse today? The views from Bath in the UK were pretty amazing! Here are some pictures!

eclipseThe cloud cover was just right to take pictures!

Secondly, I am really excited to say that C.L. Stone has released a cover for The Other Side Of Envy. Here you go!

other side of envy

She has also released the description and oh my goodness! This sounds sooo good!!

Sang Sorenson dreams of what life might be like for her in the Academy, but joining isn’t as easy as simply writing an exam or passing an interview. She’ll need to pull the team together to get them on her side in order for it to work, which is harder than it sounds. The boys will do anything to protect her, which, for some, means keeping her out.

But that’s not all that’s going on in Sang’s complicated life. After a shocking revelation, Gabriel Coleman splinters himself off from everyone, avoiding not just his Academy team, but even going so far as to avoid Sang. Desperate to bring him back and get him on her side, Sang digs deep into his past to try to discover a way to reach out to him.

His truth is riddled with tragic events, but with the help of Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Luke and North, she might be able to reach out to him before envy and despair drag him too far down to be saved.

The Academy, Deeply Bonded 

Yay! I already pressed the special green button that means it will arrive on my Kindle on the 28th April! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.06.09Yep! It is available to preorder now! Please do this, for reasons why, click here!

If you haven’t read any of the academy books, really, go, now, and do it! Here is a link to the first one on Amazon UK and Amazon US, and it is currently free!

Ok, so if you are reading this, you have found my new blog!  I really hope you will all like it! This new blog might look a little different but the reviews will be the same! So from Monday, if you go to my old site, you will be greeted with a friendly link that will transfer you here! On Monday all content from the old blog will have moved here.

Much booky love,
E St. C

Bath Literature Festival- Thursday round up and World Book Day

thursday round up

Thursday at Bath Literature Festival fell on International Book Day, and I immersed myself in the world of character building at the first event of the day I attended, “Giving Characters a Voice”.

giving characters a voice

Bath Spa University lecturer Anna Freeman, author of the novel The Fair Fight ran the workshop and gave us all some great exercises to work on, including exercises in dialogue and turning our own experiences into fictional events. I feel that one thing I have learned this week, both from Anna and David Nicholls, is that dialogue is a powerful tool that can be used to tell readers things without actually having to tell them. I am actively watching films and TV programmes and trying to work out how they fit the dialogue together. I have also been reading Us by David Nicholls and working out all the meaning behind each piece of dialogue. Reading it in this way has shown me that no dialogue is included if it doesn’t serve the story in some way, even if it isn’t obvious at first.

After the workshop I attended a talk by Emma Bridgewater about her book, “Toast & Marmalade”. You probably know Emma Bridgewater by her amazing pottery. My boyfriend always drank out of her “Men at Work” mug and his mum had lots of her mugs, so they remind me of him. Emma founded the company in 1985 after being unable to find a nice cup and saucer as a present for her mother. I asked her if she ever had any back up plan if the company didn’t work out, and she told me she didn’t. If it hadn’t worked she would have had to pack it in and get a job to pay off the loan. If you have a back up plan that is too easy to achieve, when the going gets tough, as it inevitably will at some point, it would just be too easy to walk away. Emma Bridgewater

I also felt that Emma Bridgewater was a real inspiration. She was completely entrepreneurial and went to work every day while her husband stayed at home with her children, which she said was the one of the hardest things. As a (sort of) grown up girl whose mother went back to work after I was born, I felt that although Emma had missed sports days and events in her children’s life, she had probably given her daughters a powerful sense that they could do whatever they wanted to and empowered them like I feel my mother has, and I told her this. She added a lovely message to my copy of her (really good) book when she signed it!

Getting back on the train to go home I think my bag weighed twice as much as it did when I arrived due to all the books I had bought, but I also felt that a week of immersing myself into a group of people who were struggling with the same things that I was struggling with, and learning about those who had gained success from their struggles had inspired me to write some really great stuff for my novel. I definitely recommend attending a literature festival and I will be looking for lots more!