“Thats’s what HE said” Thursday: Gabriel to Sang from House of Korba

“That’s what HE said” Thursday is hosted by chapterbreak.net. Every Thursday you post a favourite line from a book boyfriend to the heroine (wishing he was saying it to us!).

House of Korba cover

So I think I have already gushed about how much I love the Academy boys from the Ghost Bird series by C.L. Stone, but I have to dedicate this weeks’s TWHST to Gabriel. He is just brilliant, and I am currently rereading the books just to find all the funny Gabriel quotes! This one is from the House of Korba and Gabriel is just brilliant in it, plus I have a real weakness for boys that can make me laugh!!

So here it is:

“Oh my god, what the fuck. She even sneezes cute?” Gabriel was looking at me over the top of the car when I lifted my head. His mouth was hanging open and part of the blond lock of hair fell away from the russet brown. Some strands flew into his mouth and he spit the hair back out and raked his fingers through to fix it. “Come on Trouble. let’s go before you start farting bunnies and rainbows or some shit.”

Teehee! I love how straight up and honest he is about what he is feeling but he also really cares for Sang! So let me now if you liked my “That’s what HE said” Thursday quote, link me to yours and I will check it out! Oh, and read the Academy books if you haven’t already, they rock!

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