Review: Spice God by C.L. Stone

Spice God Cover

Publisher: Arcato Publishing; 2 edition (23 July 2013)
Format: Kindle

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Newly divorced, Melody ran away from a drugged out ex-husband and a controlling mother with little more than the clothes on her back. She needed a new home and a new job, not to mention a new life. Juniper Island, a thriving and posh hideaway known for its bustling summer tourism, held a promise to be exactly the change she needed. Without a second thought, Melody buys a one-way bus ticket.

Directed to the North Shore by the bus driver, she meets Tonac, the unusual chef and owner of Mayana, a restaurant tailored to serve the hard-working island locals. He gives his delicious meals away for free, but that’s not the strangest part; he doesn’t serve people what they want, only what they need.

When Melody tastes the food for the first time, she finds out why the customers keep coming back, and it’s not just to eat for free or to be served by a rude waiter with no people skills. The food influences people in unique ways: sometimes it gives them visions, sometimes bravery, and in others it casts a new light into the darkest and faintest of memories — whether they wanted to remember or not.

Knowing she can do better as a server than the crabby waiter, Melody applies for a job at this strange restaurant. Tonac takes her on, but under his care, she comes face-to-face with the secrets of what he really is and who (and what) else inhabits the island.

But not all of the residents of Juniper Island are happy with Tonac and his special meals. And when Melody gets caught up in the middle, it’ll take more than a few spiced apple tarts or a bowl of pumpkin soup to uncover the deep and dark secrets that some inhabitants of Juniper Island want to keep buried.

My Review

Ok, I have to be honest, this book has been sitting on my TBR pile for about a month now. I really love The Academy series by C.L. Stone and did not want to move on. However, I am now really glad I did.

I loved this book! I thought Melody was a really interesting, deep character and the descriptions of Tonac and Dion were just, well, *swoon*. I have to admit, I had no idea the twist involving the guys was coming, it completely fooled me, and made this book go on my list of “unable to put down”.
I really enjoyed the descriptions in this book, I could picture the Mayana and Juniper Island in my mind perfectly.

I am most definitely on Team Dion, even though he was a bit of an ass in the beginning, he seemed to have a lot of charm and tried to help Melody understand more about the powers he had, which was more than Tonac did. He was also funny, and I am a sucker for a boy that can make me laugh!

The only downsides to this book was that outside of the three main characters I did not feel that I really knew any of the other characters very well. For example, Gretta ends up becoming Melody’s best friend and in the end she sacrifices a lot because she loves everyone on the island, so I just wish we could have got to know them all a bit better.

I felt that the book ended a bit abruptly and would have like to see a bit more explanation!

If you enjoyed The Ghost Bird series by C.L. Stone and you like stories about Gods and Goddesses then read this book!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would thoroughly recommend it. For that reason I am going to give it…..

Four out of five stars