Original Work: Boring January by Eleanor St Clair

My sister told me January was boring. I disagree.
There are so many things January brings,
things to excite and amaze.
Things begin in January.

My new years resolution is still,
unspoilt, it could be kept.
I stop putting things off until the new year,
I can go for that run right now. Maybe.

Shops are busy with January sales,
I have no money anyway.
Staying away isn’t hard.
The supermarket is pretty empty again.

The thank you letters have been sent.
Christmas is over.
My time is my own again,
To waste as I see fit.

I can start again in January.
Failures from last year can be
Forgotten, cleaned up, erased.
Ready to make new mistakes again.

Original Work: Next Year by Eleanor St Clair

Next year, I will rise early, and use the time when the house is still, the dog is sleeping, the cat is hunting, to write.
Next year, I will put on my trainers, and run. Running, exploring the countryside, the area I grew up in and then forgot.
Next year, I will apply to more jobs, make smarter applications, be inventive, and choose a dream career.
Next year, I will budget my spending, shop for bargains, save money each month and stop buying rubbish.
Next year, I will eat fruit and vegetables, cook different dishes, lose half a stone and stop eating chocolate.
Next year, next year. But right now, my tummy hurts from that huge Christmas dinner, so let me sleep.
I will dream of next year.