Lots of lovely new features coming to this blog!! Yay!

Hello! So, I am having a blog revamp, because I have been self hosting for six months now, which is long enough to be able to tell which parts are working for me, and which parts have to go! As part of my revamp, I am introducing some new features.

Middle Grade to Adult

I will feature a middle grade book that I love, and then an adult book that is similar.

Quarterly Goals

Already done the first one of these here. Thanks to Jenna Moreci for this one, you are pretty cool!

Accents in Literature 

This will feature books that have a main character with an accent, and whether it is successful or not.When it is done well, it can give so much more to a book!

My World

What is going on in my real life, because, as much as I wish I could live in a story world all the time, I need to pay the rent so that I have somewhere dry to keep my books 🙂

Science Faction

You might not know, but I studied biology in my undergraduate degree, and I really enjoy reading science fiction. This feature will showcase some books that use real science, and some of the researchers who actually use this in real life.

That is all for now. I am really excited about these new features as I have been feeling that my blog was a little samey. Everything in my life has changed so much recently, I feel it is a good time for an “All Change” on my blog too!

Booky love
E. St. C

Blogging Hiatus and Quarterly Goals

Hello Hello!

So, I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus recently. I have been so busy, and was lacking motivation to post reviews. For a while I managed to keep up with my weekly memes, and then they just died out too. But I have an excuse, honest!

First excuse,  I was applying to Masters courses in Creative Writing, and then there were Interviews to attend, campuses to visit and decisions to be made. I am really excited to be able to say that I am starting an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University in September!

After that I went to my best friends wedding in Dubai, which was the adventure of a lifetime. I got henna, visited a mosque and a hospital wearing an abaya and shayla, attended a proper Arabic wedding, learnt how to dance and rode a Nations Cup horse!! I honestly had the best time and my friends wedding was absolutely beautiful. I wish her and her husband all the happiness for the future and I can not wait for my next trip to Dubai to see them both!

Finally, I made the decision to move to Bath and get a job, so that by September I would have somewhere to live and wouldn’t have to compete with hundreds of other students for part time jobs.  I found a Flat and three jobs! One of them is in a traditional Sweet Shop, with jars all along the walls, and old fashioned sweets. I love it there, it is the first time I have ever worked in a “retail” job and I am enjoying every minute.

All of this upheaval has meant that my routine has been up in the air for a while, and I haven’t achieved some of the things I wanted to. So I have decided to take on the advice of Jenna Moreci, my favourite vlogger and all round awesome cyborg, and make a quarterly goal list, online, where I can be “held accountable for failing miserably when I do not achieve my goals”. So here we go:

My goals for the Next Quarter (July, August, September)

1. Make a blogging schedule and commit to it.

2. Read five books from my TBR pile. (Seriously, that pile of books has overtaken my bookshelves.)

3. Finish making my flatpack chest of drawers and post pictures. (accountability- yay!)

4. Finish my picture wall. (Right now it looks really sad because I stuck five pictures up before I ran out of Blu-Tack. I bought Blu-Tack, but didn’t finish the job.)

5. Revamp my Twitter Account, Google Plus page and my blog. I just don’t feel this theme is working for me at all, but I need a whole day where I can really work on it and make it awesome.

6.  Sort out my career development loan. (I have been putting this off because I hate dealing with banks, but I just realised that I am starting my degree in less than three months- oops!)

7. Sort out my ARCs and make sure I am reading them in order of release, not just because I am super excited about them…

8. Buy ring-binders and start off the course in an organised fashion.

9. Write five hundred words a day. (On anything. I just want to get into the habit of writing SOMETHING!)

10. Finally, set up a blog of my journey through my Creative Writing Masters. I know, you are probably thinking, WHAAAT? Is this girl crazy? She can barely keep up with one blog, no matter two! Don’t worry kind, concerned reader. The new blog will mainly be a place to talk about the course and a platform for me to showcase my own work. This blog will always be my main priority!

So, that’s it. I am going to create a page on this blog with all of my goals on it, so I can easily see what I have left to do!

Have any of you created any goals for the summer? Or done a Masters in Creative Writing? Leave me a comment, or tweet me @Eleanorjames

Much booky love,