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Waiting on Wednesday

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Fake by C.L. Stone

Coming January 29th 2015

fake cl stone

This is the third book in the Scarab Beetle series by C.L. Stone AND I AM EXCITED. Can you tell? The first two books are Thief and Liar, Fake is the third book in this parallel series! (This is parallel Academy series for older readers. There is some crossover with the Ghost Bird series, but this series features a whole new set of characters WHO ARE ALSO COMPLETELY AWESOME.)

Ok, so I cannot find a description for this book, but there is an excerpt at the end of Liar. However, I don’t want to post this here, as if you haven’t read Thief and Liar, first you will be confused, and then you will be annoyed as it contains SO MANY SPOILERS from the first two books!! So if you want to know what this series is all about, go and read Thief! (In fact, I think it is free on Kindle at the moment!)

Why I am waiting anxiously

C.L. Stone has this knack for making you fall in love with her characters and never wanting to leave their worlds. Therefore, when you reach the end of a book, waiting for the next one feels like one of those dreams where you are running as fast as you can but it is never fast enough. Which doesn’t sound very pleasant. But honestly, actually reading the books makes the wait in between worth it. Which tells you how much I love the books. Ok, I am babbling, I will shut up now.

In all seriousness, the books will make you laugh, squirm with happiness and shout with happiness. The lead characters are the sort of girls you want to be friends, no, sisters, with. The boys are, well, swoon! they have the looks, and the brains and they are all so different from each other, as well as majorly challenging some male heterosexual, homosexual and other stereotypes.  There is excitement, love and mystery…(who the heck is the Academy?). When you can read the series for the third, fourth, even fifth time, and you get new things from the characters and plot every time, I think it is a sign of a great series!

Basically, go and read all the books now. I started with the Ghost bird series, then moved on to the Scarab beetle series, but I don’t think it really matters which way you delve in to the exciting world of the Academy.

However, if you are smart, you will start these books just before Fake comes out, so you don’t have to suffer that awful not running fast enough dream feeling……

What book are you waiting on today? Link me to your WoW post and I will be sure to check it out!

Much Love,

E St.C

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    1. The author is great and as for the series, seriously, try the first books. You can get the first book from the Ghost Bird series (Introductions) and the Scarab Beetle series (Thief) for free on Amazon at the moment! The characters really grow and change throughout the books too!

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